Lucky Thief Steals $13,000 from Washington State Casino After Crawling to Unlocked Safe

Lucky Thief Steals $13,000 From Washington State Casino After Crawling To Unlocked Safe

Lucky Thief Steals $13,000 From Washington State Casino After Crawling To Unlocked Safe

Cooperation from the public has been requested by the sheriff of King County, Washington State to apprehend a stealthy thief who managed to get away with $13,000 from a Shoreline casino. The lucky man reportedly managed to sneak past a counter by crawling until he arrived at an office where he happened to come across a safe that somehow was not locked, in which the $13,000 was located in. He managed to get away with the money without alerting anyone, not even the security on duty. This incident occurred during the 27th of September.

Even though surveillance cameras were installed in the facility and a large part of the heist was recorded, the authorities, unfortunately, came across a problem – they had no idea what the name of the perpetrator was.

This propelled the announcement made by the Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound, putting forth a bounty worth $1,000 for any details regarding the case that can aid the apprehension of the perpetrator.

The authorities believe that the thief chanced upon the unlocked safe which contained money entirely by luck. Q13 Fox TV News was informed by the sheriff of King County that the money had been deposited by the manager of the casino into the safe and the safe was not locked afterwards. This had occurred because the manager left the office for the Washington casino floor to talk to someone, he apparently only closed the safe without locking it.

The casino that was involved remained anonymous in the news report as no further information regarding the casino was given by the police. However, it is known that its location is in Aurora Avenue North. The crime happened at night between 10 pm to 11 pm and the perpetrator who donned a dark baseball cap and eyeglasses had been continuously spotted in the casino encompassing the weeks in which the heist occurred.

The sergeant said that the suspect just went in to check and voila, the safe was not locked. The cops said that the manager was not even aware that the money was not where it’s supposed to be and only realized it was stolen when he went to lock the safe. Abbott was certain that the manager was expecting to be away from the office for only a little while and will be back in no time, yet it was in this short moment that the thief was able to sneak in and leave with the money.


The Apprehension Of Suspect Highly Desired By The Police

The station was informed by Abbott that the arrest of the perpetrator is a very urgent and high priority, as he got away with a huge amount of cash and it is highly probable that he is already plotting for his next crime, looking for whatever vulnerable targets he can to prey on. The authorities are hoping that a member of the public is able to identify the thief and provide information anonymously to aid the police in apprehending him. The police have requested that anyone with the relevant details leave a tip at the hotline provided.


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