Resorts World Las Vegas Tracking for Late 2020 Debut, Will Be First Strip Resort to Open Since 2010

Resorts World Las Vegas Tracking for Late 2020 Debut, Will Be First Strip Resort to Open Since 2010

Resorts World Las Vegas Tracking for Late 2020 Debut, Will Be First Strip Resort to Open Since 2010


Las Vegas! The entertainment capital of the world. Mega sized casinos and opulent hotels dot the landscape of this city, which comes alive during the warm, arid desert nights. It is the most visited tourist destination in the world. But what sets Las Vegas apart from other cities is the abundant options for adult entertainment that are available in the city, and this has given the city the apt moniker of “Sin City”, and has been popularised by many movies, music albums and television programs.


The Resorts World in Las Vegas is a casino and a 59-floored hotel that is scheduled to be open in the fall of 2020. The main selling point of this resort is that this would be the first new resort to open in Las Vegas on the Strip since 2010 – and the developers are sparing no expense to make this one of the most lavishly furnished, opulent resorts in Las Vegas. The development cost for this resort is estimated to be around 4.2 billion US dollars, and its construction has taken seven years so far.


This resort is primarily backed by the Malaysian company Genting Berhad who acquired the property – 87 acres of it – at the Strip in Las Vegas. The acquisition of the property was done in the year 2013 at an estimated land value of 350 million US dollars. Once the property was in the hands of the conglomerate, they drew up plans to construct a huge resort on the property with the main theme being Asian.


However, during the design and construction phase, there were a lot of setbacks and design changes that needed to be done, and due to this, the construction of the resort was delayed, for months at a time. Recently though, Genting Berhad put out a statement in which they claim that the topping off of the 59th floor was done in late August of this year, and that the resort was on track to be completed by the fall of 2020, which is next year.


Speaking to a prominent journal in Las Vegas, a representative of the conglomerate stated that this hotel is a one of a kind hotel that boasts of innovation, inclusivity and is technologically advanced. They are looking to create a new take on hospitality, re-envisioning the Las Vegas market with their service product.


The resort is planning to open 3 hotels which have around 3400 rooms together, along with a 100,000 square foot casino which has an insane number of slot machines and other games, 12 restaurants, banquet halls and so forth.


The opening of this hotel will signify the first new hotel opening since the great recession of 2008, and serves as a beacon to the emergence of the economy. There are other hotels too in the vicinity that are targeting openings as early as 2022, and this signifies the increase in demand for luxurious hotels and is a good sign for the hospitality industry as a whole.