RM150,000 lost to ‘angpow’ scammer

RM150,000 Lost To ‘Angpow’ Scammer

RM150,000 Lost To ‘Angpow’ Scammer

JOHOR: A woman just ended up losing her life savings of about RM150,000 in a scratch and win scam when she went shopping in a supermarket.

A man told the woman above 70 years that angpows were given out to shoppers. This was what lured the woman to the so-called scratch and win.


RM150,000 Lost To ‘Angpow’ Scammer
RM150,000 Lost To ‘Angpow’ Scammer


How Does It Happen?

It was later known that the man asked the woman to pick one of the red packets. He then informed her that she had won several hundred ringgit in cash and reward points. The woman was inspired by hearing the testimonies of the man. However, the culprit dangled another carrot. The man convinced the woman to buy more items in the supermarket so that her amount would be doubled.

After hearing what the man has said, the woman rushed to a nearby bank and collected all she had in her account just for a shopping spree. It is more than RM150,000 that we are talking about here. She then came back to see the man who was waiting near the supermarket.

From the information we got, the man took the money from her and told her that she should wait while he goes to a money changer to change the cash into smaller denominations so that she could make more purchases. Some minutes later, after waiting for the man, she decided to search for the man at the money changer.

To her greatest surprise, the man was no longer on the premises. So, she decided to report it to the police.

The woman in her late 60s was scammed that she lost almost RM900,000 after she tried to purchase a house in Skudai earlier this year.

The information gotten shows that the Singaporean wanted to get a home in Johor Bharu and issued several cheques to real estate companies to buy the home that was mortgaged to a bank.

A few months later, she found out that the real company had been declared insolvent because they had failed to settle their debts.

The bank has since seized the house and had put it up for sale. So, the woman lodged a police report after several attempts on how she could recover her money back and failed.

One of the police officials looked into the case and said that investigations would start right away under Section 420 of the Penal code for cheating. People that had some information concerning these cases were told to try and contact the police hotline at 07-2212999.


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