Things You Should Do if You Get Scammed

Things You Should Do if You Get Scammed

Things You Should Do if You Get Scammed

Getting scammed is, in the present world, something of an expected event. We have all been scammed at one point or another. Given the advent of technology, some scammers won’t just go away. The only way out now is to try to stay ahead of the scam bugs. For most people, the question is no longer whether they can be scammed but rather when it will happen to them. In the casinos, scamming has long been known to be part of the game, and even excitement in some quarters. However, the same technology blamed for making scamming a much more complex affair has made it possible to be proactive about scammers. Some of the general rules of countering scammers include:


Things You Should Do if You Get Scammed
Things You Should Do if You Get Scammed


Blocking the Scammer

If you have fallen into a scammers booth, the first thing you are advised to do is to cease your interaction with the “axis of evil”. Do everything you can to block the scammer from soliciting further information from you. Do not fall into the trap of denial when you have been scammed. A lot of people find it hard to admit that they have been scammed. Any form of interaction with such a con will only put you in more compromising situations.


Reach Out To Your Credit Card Issuer

If you have been scammed by the scammer via your credit card, it means that your credit card information has been accessed by illegal parties. To prevent further damage and even help the bank or whoever the issuer may be to try and track down the scammer, you need to notify them immediately you discover that you have been scammed. Most card companies will usually flag your card so that no further transactions or deals can be made on its account.


Tell the Police

Reporting to the authorities is and should be the standard practice to counter fraud and crime. The sooner you report fraudulent incidents the easier it will be to prevent further damage to you and possibly to others.


Alert the Regulators

Even in online gaming, casino companies are subject to regulation. Find out the relevant regulator and log your complaint with them. Make sure that you take down the full registered name of the casino and the license number if you can access it on their website. The idea is to have as much information about the casino company as possible to help in the investigation that will ensue.


The Signs That an Online Casino May Be a Scam

While just about anybody can get scammed, even in a casino, there are some actions you can take to avoid being a statistic. Look out for the following to avoid scammers.


Physical Address

The casino online house has no specific place that they operate from. It is a simple sign to check out yet many people have been scammed because they were either too busy check, or just didn’t know.


Customer Service and Withdrawal Issues

If your online casino has reviews to the effect that they take too long before they facilitate a withdrawal, you better start packing. It is the smoke before the fire. Run.



If you can’t find the license number of the casino house on the page or at the usual location, that is the bottom of the page, or anywhere else on the website, you are lined up for a possible scam.


Software Integrity

If the company makes no statement of their software provider, or if the provider is unknown to you and other online players, it may be a sign that your information will be compromised. Be sure to compare notes with others of like interest on social forums. We live in the information age. The answers are only a touch away from your phone.


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