The Red Devil’s Top Scorer Strikes A Deal

The Red Devil’s Top Scorer Strikes A Deal

The Red Devil’s Top Scorer Strikes A Deal

Robin Van Persie is one of the most famous football players around the world with a high scoring record. He’s been a part of well-known clubs such as Manchester United and Arsenal FC. Given his credentials, he’s been sought after by many companies to advertise their products and services.

In recent events, he has signed a contract with BK8 which enables the company to use his image for branding purposes.‘s main goal is to improve their image amongst their followers and also to ensure new followings. The adaptation of Robin Van Persie’s image will allow them to create a larger following and improve their standing.


The Red Devil’s Top Scorer Strikes A Deal
The Red Devil’s Top Scorer Strikes A Deal


What is

BK8 is an online platform which gives players a way to play various games and keep up with sports information. It was Mediapro that initiated the collaboration between BK8 and Robin Van Persie. BK8 works as the middleman for Mediapro in the Spanish region. 

BK8 has been known to set up various futsal tournaments. It’s popularly referred to as the BK8 Cup which has gained a lot of attention in the football world. They want to extend their line of service and create a diverse portfolio. For this very reason, a well-known celebrity is just the edge they need to fulfil their goal.

Union of Robin Van Persie and BK8

Robin Van Persie is said to be their ambassador for various countries which include the likes of Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. This will allow BK8 to expand its company and increase its brand awareness amongst people.

Not only are they aiming to improve their following but they also want to step into the business of sponsorship. Having Van Persie as a brand ambassador gives them an advantage when trying to set up a new venture. The popularity of the player benefits them as where he goes, his fans follow. The public declaration of Van Persie saying he’s partnering up with BK8 gives them that opportunity to grow.

Future Prospects

BK8 wants to expand their horizons and indulge sports enthusiasts by providing them with a gaming platform. This gaming platform will not only satisfy the needs of one particular group of sports but the objective is to include all types of audiences. The union of BK8 and Van Persie drives this objective further as more and more individuals will follow.

A lot of activities are planned by BK8 in association with Van Persie to develop their brand. One of these activities includes his visit to Thailand and an eventual part in the Euro Cup. This will be one of the grandest events the BK8 has ever been a part of. Mediapro, the backhand of this collaboration, aims to discover more of their and BK8’s potential in regards to newer opportunities.

BK8 aims to utilize Robin Van Persie’s image to the max and avail the advantages this union provides it. Mediapro and BK8 together are willing to find various dimensions they can work on keeping Mediapro Asia’s existing properties as a basis.



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